S2 E9 - Arctic Treasure

Today we have to venture as far north as you can go on this beautiful planet, to find treasure in a magic igloo!

Moves: spin, running on the spot, polar bear dance, seal dance, whale dance, arctic fox dance.

Development: coordination, rhythm, timing, crossing the centre line, throwing, proprioception.

Themes/values: asking for help, listening to directions, sticking with a task even when you don't know where it's going to lead you, playfulness, curiosity.

Nature lesson: the story is based around four animals that live in the arctic. We meet Polar Bears, we learn that Seals are covered in slime, we watch whales and realise that their fin slaps are a style of communication and we recognise how graceful arctic foxes are when they move.

Space required: small.

Key takeaways

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