What happens during a Secret Ninja Visit?

Secret Ninja School fire power

The Reveal

It's a show!

We tell your students that they are going to do a live-streamed Ninja workout.

We play a pre-recorded video, then the host 'teleports' into the room.

Watch the video below to see what we mean.

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The Story

The first 15-20 minutes is an 'adventure/workout'.

The Ninjas will go on a mission, following a predetermined story.

Students will have a chance to influence the outcome.

All in their imaginations.

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The Lesson

During the Story, our host will introduce a series of new movements.

The host will use those movements to teach a new skill. E.g. a handstand, a dance move, or basic martial arts skills.

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The Q&A

The session finishes by giving the students a chance to ask the host some questions.

Alternatively we like to include some free time to practice their new moves.

Watch the video below to get an idea of what happens.

Upcoming Tours

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More Info

30 or 60-minute Ninja Visit options

Ideal for Kindy - Year 2

What they say...

"I haven’t found something that’s as good as Secret Ninja School at uniting them. It doesn’t matter if you are the shy kid, or if you are not the best at sport, when Secret Ninja comes on, we’re all KW Ninjas and it doesn’t matter who you are.”
- Georgia, Prep Teacher, NSW

Teachers really love it

"My little guy was engaged from the moment I pressed play on the demo video and asked me to sign up straight away! I can now give my guy some guilt-free screen time while I cook up the dinner! Would love to see this program in every preschool and primary school. As a teacher, I can see SO many curriculum links and as a parent, so many benefits!"
- Jen, Teacher and Parent

So do OTs!

“In a subtle and fun way, Ninja Kicks guides your children through an adventurous story to work on fundamental movement skills. This is WAAAY more exciting than the home exercise programs I would spend hours making up,” Jayne Gunthorpe, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Brisbane.

Another Happy Teacher

“Originally when I said Secret Ninja School, they were like ‘we’re fighting’. To be able to shift that mindset to be like, ‘no, we’re going to be doing the balancing, the turning and the kicking,’ but it’s not at anyone... I think it's invaluable.”
- Teah, Prep Teacher, Vic

How can we help?

Our new movement break, Secret Ninja School, is designed for you!
Your kids are doing something that's great fun and great for them.
It's high-quality, Australian-made and designed by industry professionals.
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The Secret Ninja School team recognises the Birpai, Gayemagal and Ngunnawal people, the traditional custodians of the lands on which we record our videos. Storytelling is a crucial way of sharing knowledge within Indigenous Australian culture. And we hope to encourage the next generation of Australians to love sharing stories and learning about the full history of this beautiful land and its people.

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