S2 E8 - Desert Gold

Ninjas, there's a treasure somewhere in the desert. Are you ready to brave the sand storms?

Moves: lunge, hamstring stretch, pigeon stretch, ice skaters, invisibility, rear leg raises, butterfly stretch, controlled crawl, downward dog, jump spin.

Development: lower body strength, shoulder strength, stamina, glute strength, breath control, core control, shoulder mobility, proprioception.

Themes/values: learning to keep going even when something seems impossible, being curious about ways to solve a problem, listening to others, adventure, empathy, playfulness, imagination.

Nature lesson: the story is based on the behaviour of a beetle that lives in the Namib Desert, in western Africa, one of the driest places on Earth. The beetle crawls to the top of sand dunes in the fog and uses rivulets on its back to capture the water in the air. Humans have used the shape of the beetle's back as inspiration for a 'water harvesting' system to help protect communities from drought. What an amazing planet we live on!

Space required: small.

Key takeaways

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