S2 E17 - Theia Moon

Did you ever wonder how our moon was created? Ninjas, let's travel back in time to find out!

Moves: cossack squats, good mornings, single leg leaps, crescent kick, turning kick, swing and dip.

Development: leg strength, hip mobility, balance, explosive power, dynamic flexibility, coordination.

Themes/values: curiosity, imaginary worlds, memory, helping others, asking for help.

Nature lesson: we learn about the common theory (scientists can't say for certain but it's the strongest theory) of the origin of the moon - the moment a planet named Theia crashed into the Earth. A piece of the Earth broke off to form the moon. The theory is based on samples collected from the Moon's surface that match that of the Earth's.

Space required: medium. (Some kicking involved).

Key takeaways

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