S2 E20 - Singing Devils

The Tassie Devil's Singing competition is in danger of being cancelled. Can you help them save it, Ninjas?

NOTE: This episode is also available on YouTube so your students can watch it during the holidays.

Here's the link: https://youtu.be/WMclGDc7eMk

The final episode of the Soul Scroll series will be uploaded during the summer school holidays.

Moves: stand and spin, long sit ups, sing leg leaps, ballet basics, crawling, side to side leaps, barrel rolls, meditation.

Development: meditation, dancing basics, balance, coordination, crossing the centre line, throwing limbs, core control.

Themes/values: helping others, curiosity, tolerance.

Nature lesson: the episode is about Tasmanian Devils and tasmania's wilderness.

Space required: medium, there's some moving about.

Key takeaways

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