S2 E12 - Agouti Nuts

A town is being taken over by the jungle and the Secret Ninjas have been asked to help out!

Moves: kicks, running on the spot, bear crawls, rear support, 1/2 bridge, squats, meditation.

Development: balance, hip mobility, dynamic flexibility, core control, back strength, back mobility, coordination, spatial awareness.

Themes/values: not giving up, resilience in adversity, playfulness, curiosity.

Nature lesson: the agouti is a rodent from South America that has teeth like a chisel. The Brazil Nut tree relies entirely on the agouti's ability to open the hard outer shell that contains the brazil nuts for it to reproduce. Without the agouti opening the shell and planting the nuts it can't eat in the ground, the Brazil Nut tree would cease to exist. The lesson is about how different parts of nature rely on each other for survival, just like we rely on trees and the ocean for fresh air.

Space required: medium (for the kicks at the beginning).

Key takeaways

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