S3 E1 - Aminos

A curse is spreading across the land but we don't know where it started. There is a clue hidden behind a waterfall. Are you ready, Ninjas?

Moves: monkey crawl, pointe/demi-pointe/flex (foot positions), arabesque, jump and spin, crescent kick, arm circles.

Development: dancing basics, balance, coordination, shoulder stamina, core control, crossing the centre line.

Themes/values: curiosity, growth mindset, bravery.

Nature lesson: we enter the Daintree Rainforest and learn that Cassowary Poop is everywhere and very important. We learn to respect (not fear) animals like Crocodiles. We are also introduced to Aminos - a story device for the series. The name is taken from Amino acids, the building block of protein which is essential to the healthy growth of muscles. Watch for the parallels between this science and the way we tell the story.

Space required: medium, there's some moving about.

Key takeaways

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