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What are they? Each card is a new move. Do the move on the card to activate its power. Use your imagination to go on important Ninja-adventures and grow skills like empathy, core control, determination, coordination and curiosity.

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Pick a location, decide on a mission, then play your cards to see how the story unfolds.

You and your little Ninja are the main characters in the mission. Use the powers on your cards to overcome obstacles and finish your Ninja adventure.

Double the power of a move by completing the unique 'Ninja Act' on the card. E.g. 'Encourage another Ninja to keep going when a move gets tough'.

Let your child's imagination run wild in the Secret Ninja universe and watch as they improve their physical literacy and general wellbeing.

Note: there are more than 20 different card designs. You will receive a pack of random cards to add to your collection.

The Secret Ninja School team recognises the Birpai, Gayemagal and Ngunnawal people, the traditional custodians of the lands on which we record our videos. Storytelling is a crucial way of sharing knowledge within Indigenous Australian culture. And we hope to encourage the next generation of Australians to love sharing stories and learning about the full history of this beautiful land and its people.

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