Ninja Collection Items

At the end of each episode you will earn downloadable versions of these items and skills. Here your Ninja can browse to see which one they would like to earn. How many can you collect?

Head into the clouds to find a lesson from an upside down Ninja master.
It's not known how much power is really inside this oceanic treasure.
When dinosaurs need help, you know it's going to be a dangerous mission!
Help the Jaguars in the jungle and you might find yourself rich with wishes.
Unlock the power of the sun by taking a trip to the Pyramids!
This gift is for supporting the ocean and its creatures in a very dangerous mission.
This special suit is made by aliens!
Santa needs your help in this Outback adventure with the Nimble Numbat.
It's nearly impossible to find, but the powers in this gem are worth the effort.
It's hot and sandy but the Sahara Desert has many treasures!
A special ring with unknown powers found at the end of a three-part adventure.
Head into the bamboo to find the Master Panda and learn her style.
Travel to the mountains to find something to help you remember.
Go back to the age of the dinosaurs to collect this powerful stone.
A Secret skill you can earn if you're brave enough to meet a lion.
Bring things back to life if you can find this item in a frozen land.
Harness the power of lava with the lava stone by braving the volcanoes of New Zealand.
This special potion can be found at the bottom of a volcano.
Help Spiderman in New York to earn this special reward.
Vanish in an instant with this special jacket that you will find in outer space.
A mystical bird needs our help.
Are you true of heart? Earn this reward and you will know for sure.
At the bottom of the ocean is a golden prize, but you'll need sun lotion!
Join the Nimble Numbat on her first adventure to earn this fun treasure.
A tiger in need is a friend indeed.
If you think about others in the snow, they'll have your back too, you know?
Take care of your friend, with fire you can bend.
A treasure so rare, you'll be lucky to keep your head of hair.
Earn the power to shoot fire from your hands with well-laid plans.
If you can stop an alien invasion you can earn a special new element.
Treasure in the desert is hard to find so make sure you're kind.
The forest heart keeps everything that lives there alive.
Behind the bear, a treat if you dare. (Episode 32).
A new style of movement is taught by a praying mantis in episode 28.
Under the ocean there is a different kind of magic. (Episode 27).
Achieve the Blue Ninja Level by completing the first 50 episodes!
Find a huge chest of treasure at the bottom of a pyramid (Episode 23).
To find a magic scroll, you have to avoid a nasty bite. (Episode 25).
The Blowgart can survive in the snow.
The anti-gravity rock can be found in space.
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