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  • Growing exercise-loving kids.

How can we help?

Easy Peasy

Just need a screen and the internet.

No equipment or special set-up required.

Log-in and start.

Super Safe

Made by industry professionals.

Self-hosted not on YouTube = no ads or unwanted content.

Engaging Movement

Fun story-based workouts.

Stimulates imagination.

Kids feel like its just play.

Value and Quality

High quality production.

Only $9 per month for unlimited access.

Unique story-based workouts.

Who Uses Secret Ninja School?

Mum's and Dad's

- 10-15 minutes of guilt-free screen time to drink your coffee while it's hot!
- Kids love it - feels just like play!
- Movements taught by dance, gymnastics and martial art experts.


- Perfect for movement breaks.
- All episodes are created in line with the Australian Early Learning Years Framework.
- Ask about our incursions.


- Ideal for prescribing to children who need help developing FMS.
- The story lines will help your kids build intrinsic motivation to repeat the movements daily.
- Each episode has a FMS focus.


- Ideal for achieving Early Learning Years Framework outcomes.
- Add variety to your movement program.
- Ask about our incursions.


- Ninjas who know how to be a Ninja, but want to meet other Ninjas.
- Kids who aren't Ninjas yet but want to train to become a Ninja
- Kids with special powers like shooting fire out of their hands, who want to learn how to use their powers for good.

Chris Hemsworth

- For earth protection training.

Aunty Susy

- Because you're never too old to become a Ninja and have fun working out!

Latest Episodes

These episodes and more are available in the Secret Ninja School members area!

Nimble Numbat Christmas Mission

Nimble Numbat Christmas Mission

Thirsty Frogs

Thirsty Frogs

Colour Thief

Colour Thief

Why should we try the Secret Ninja School?

Our on-demand sessions will engage your little ones for 10-15 minutes.

Our sessions help open up your child's imagination. They exist in a wonderfully fantastic "anything is possible" world. We support this by providing story-lines that encourage curiosity and compassion. And the moves within the sessions will help build fundamental movement skills like balance, coordination and stamina.

How much does it cost?

Only two coffees a month. For those who don't speak coffee, that's $9/month. We know it's expensive to raise a child and we don't want to add to that. The Secret Ninja School wants to add to your child's development, without costing you more time and more expensive sporting fees.

Who can get involved?

The Secret Ninja School is aimed at 3-7 year old's of all abilities. We pick from our huge catalogue of exercises and apply them to a story-line to help them fall in love with movement. Some parents love jumping in with their kids at the same time!

When can I come on an adventure?

Any time! There's more than 80-episodes in our library so you can do an episode whenever it suits you. Pick one that your Ninjas are interested in, and find out how to solve the problem together. We also release a new episode each Wednesday. From the moon, to the pyramids and over volcanoes. There's heaps of adventures to get into!

How do I join?

Hit the 'Join' or 'Give it a go' buttons on this page. Sign-up and use the coupon code SNSTRIAL to get the first month free. That's a sneaky gift for you! :D. You'll instantly get access to the entire library.

Where does it take place?

In your lounge. Or the park, or the beach. Wherever you can take a device and connect to the internet!

Who is the instructor, Ninja Kicks?

Keiran, aka Ninja Kicks, is a third degree taekwondo black belt and kicking coach, with 21-years experience in martial arts. He has been a coach for 11-years, and has formed a passion for helping children find a love for movement.

This year, while trying to encourage his students to move while in lock down, Keiran created the Secret Ninja School. A 10-minute adventure/workout for 3-7yo Ninjas. Each workout is a living room adventure. Last week we returned the moon, which had been stolen by space monsters!

These adventures help kids build a positive relationship with movement so that they're more likely to stay active as adults. 77% of 5-14yo children don't get enough exercise. The way to address this problem is multi-faceted and involves reframing the way the fitness and sporting industry tries to motivate people to stay active.

His philosophy is, if you improve the way your body can move and interact with the world, then you can improve your contribution to this beautiful planet.

You can watch more about me here:

Why Ninjas?

Ninjas capture the imagination of boys and girls. It also encourages wonderful values like discipline and respect. We can also play with the variety of moves within this concept so that kids can continue to grow because they will find new challenges every week.

Also… Ninjas are and always will be super cool. Duh!

Get Started Today

Give yourself a daily coffee break, knowing your kids are doing something that’s great fun and great for them. For only two coffees a month. For those who don’t speak coffee, that’s $9/month.

The Secret Ninja School team recognises the Birpai, Gayemagal and Ngunnawal people, the traditional custodians of the lands on which we record our videos. Storytelling is a crucial way of sharing knowledge within Indigenous Australian culture. And we hope to encourage the next generation of Australians to love sharing stories and learning about the full history of this beautiful land and its people.

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