What is Secret Ninja School?

  • A way to support your child's progress in their face to face sport, or build their confidence to want to play regular sport.
  • Perfect for 3-7 year old children.
  • Gymnastics, martial arts, yoga and dance basics, delivered in a fun original story format.
  • Includes a 14 day free trial.

Why parents love it

Easy Peasy

Just need a screen and the internet.

No equipment or special set-up required.

Log-in and start.

Super Safe

Made by industry professionals.

Self-hosted not on YouTube = no ads or unwanted content.

Engaging Movement

Fun story-based workouts.

Stimulates imagination.

Kids feel like its just play.

Value and Quality

High quality production.

Only $4.99 per month for unlimited access.

Unique story-based workouts.

The Hosts

Ninja Kicks

Nimble Numbat

Keiran Deck grew up an active kid. Although he wasn't the most naturally gifted among his siblings, he had a bunch of coaches who encouraged him to stick at it until he learned to love movement. As a host of SNS he wants to pay this forward. He has 12-years experience as a coach of young children in a range of sports, specializing in taekwondo and, more recently, gymnastics. Over this time he has come to intricately understand how 3-10yo children grow to love exercise.
Boronia Clark credits her parents for getting her into dance as a child. But once she got the bug, she became a dedicated and knowledge-thirsty student. Now an actor, Boronia is a pro at keeping the SNS workouts engaging for your children. Mixed with her intricate knowledge of dance, her stories are a crowd favourite.

Who Uses Secret Ninja School?

Mum's and Dad's

- Kids love it - feels just like play!
- Movements taught by dance, gymnastics and martial art experts.


- Perfect for movement breaks
- All episodes are mapped to the Australian Curriculum.
- Ask about our incursions.
- Only $5/month for full access.


- Ideal for prescribing to children who need help developing FMS.
- The story lines will help your kids build intrinsic motivation to repeat the movements daily.
- Each episode has a FMS focus.


- Ideal for achieving Early Learning Years Framework outcomes.
- Add variety to your movement program.
- Ask about our incursions.


- Ninjas who know how to be a Ninja, but want to meet other Ninjas.
- Kids who aren't Ninjas yet but want to train to become a Ninja
- Kids with special powers like shooting fire out of their hands, who want to learn how to use their powers for good.

Chris Hemsworth

- For earth protection training.

Aunty Susy

- Because you're never too old to become a Ninja and have fun working out!

Helps build fundamental movement skills like balance, coordination and core control.

Choose your own adventure!


Why should we try the Secret Ninja School?

Our on-demand sessions will engage your little ones for 5-10-minutes.

Our sessions help open up your child's imagination. They exist in a wonderfully fantastic "anything is possible" world. We support this by providing story-lines that encourage curiosity and compassion. And the moves within the sessions will help build fundamental movement skills like balance, coordination and stamina.

How much does it cost?

For households it's only one coffee a month. For those who don't speak coffee, that's $5/month. We know it's expensive to raise a child and we don't want to add to that. The Secret Ninja School wants to help your child's development, without costing you more time and more expensive sporting fees.

Who can get involved?

The Secret Ninja School is aimed at 3-7 year old's of all abilities. We pick from our huge catalogue of exercises and apply them to a story-line to help them fall in love with movement. Some parents love jumping in with their kids at the same time!

When can I come on an adventure?

Any time! There's more than 20-episodes in our library so you can do an episode whenever it suits you. Pick one that your Ninjas are interested in, and find out how to solve the problem together. We also release a new episode each Wednesday. From the moon, to the pyramids and over volcanoes. There's heaps of adventures to get into!

How do I join?

Hit the red 'Watch' button at the top of this page. You'll instantly get access to the entire library. The first 14 days are free.

Where does it take place?

In your lounge. Or the park, or the beach. Wherever you can take a device and connect to the internet! But then, the real magic happens when they use the storylines and moves in their own time.

Who are the hosts?

Keiran, aka Ninja Kicks, is a third degree taekwondo black belt and children's gymnastics coach with 11-years experience.

In 2020 during lockdown he realised how tough it was for young children to engage in Zoom lessons. Recognising their love of storytelling, he added a narrative to the classes and it proved a hit. He now creates a new story each week for kids to follow along and grow their love of exercise.

He played cricket at the top level as a child and teenager, and has practiced martial arts - including Taekwondo and BJJ - for the last 22-years. Since 2019 he has been practicing gymnastics and sharing his new love with his favourite age group - 3-7yos. Towards the end of 2019 he had a serious neck injury but thanks to the surgeons at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, he avoided damage to his spinal cord and has made a full recovery.

His philosophy is, if you improve the way your body can move and interact with the world, then you can improve your contribution to this beautiful planet.

Boronia, aka Nimble Numbat, is a passionate dancer and actor. A crowd favourite, she has been a children's entertainer for two years while appearing in television, cinema and commercials across a range of Australian productions.

Her dance is both her career and passion. She has practiced since the age of 4 and is very gifted at breaking down drills to help 4 year old's share her love of the art. At SNS you'll find elements of ballet, jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, and lyrical styles.

Why Ninjas?

Ninjas capture the imagination of boys and girls. It also encourages wonderful values like compassion, curiosity, bravery and respect. We can also play with the variety of moves within this concept so that kids can continue to grow because they will find new challenges every week.

Also… Ninjas are and always will be super cool. Duh!

What they say...

"I haven’t found something that’s as good as Secret Ninja School at uniting them. It doesn’t matter if you are the shy kid, or if you are not the best at sport, when Secret Ninja comes on, we’re all KW Ninjas and it doesn’t matter who you are.”
- Georgia, Prep Teacher, NSW

Teachers really love it

"My little guy was engaged from the moment I pressed play on the demo video and asked me to sign up straight away! I can now give my guy some guilt-free screen time while I cook up the dinner! Would love to see this program in every preschool and primary school. As a teacher, I can see SO many curriculum links and as a parent, so many benefits!"
- Jen, Teacher and Parent

So do OTs!

“In a subtle and fun way, Ninja Kicks guides your children through an adventurous story to work on fundamental movement skills. This is WAAAY more exciting than the home exercise programs I would spend hours making up,” Jayne Gunthorpe, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Brisbane.

Another Happy Teacher

“Originally when I said Secret Ninja School, they were like ‘we’re fighting’. To be able to shift that mindset to be like, ‘no, we’re going to be doing the balancing, the turning and the kicking,’ but it’s not at anyone... I think it's invaluable.”
- Teah, Prep Teacher, Vic

Get Started Today

Give yourself a daily coffee break, knowing your kids are doing something that’s great fun and great for them. For only two coffees a month. For those who don’t speak coffee, that’s $5/month.*

*Includes a 14 day free trial.

The Secret Ninja School team recognises the Birpai, Gayemagal and Ngunnawal people, the traditional custodians of the lands on which we record our videos. Storytelling is a crucial way of sharing knowledge within Indigenous Australian culture. And we hope to encourage the next generation of Australians to love sharing stories and learning about the full history of this beautiful land and its people.

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