5 Pack

of randomly selected adventure cards.
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10 Pack

of randomly selected adventure cards.
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20 Pack

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It's a Trading Card Game.

The Game is designed to help your child expand their imagination and movement skills.

Movement skills? How?

Ninjas use the powers in the cards to go on imaginary missions.

To 'activate' the powers they have to copy the move on the card, growing their strength and coordination, while exercising their imaginations.

Pick a location, decide on a mission, then play your cards to see how the story unfolds.

You and your little Ninja are the main characters in the mission. Use the powers on your cards to overcome obstacles and finish your Ninja adventure.

Double the power of a move by completing the unique 'Ninja Act' on the card. E.g. 'Encourage another Ninja to keep going when a move gets tough'.

Let your child's imagination run wild in the Secret Ninja universe and watch as they improve their physical literacy and general wellbeing.

Note: there are 59 different card designs (moves). You will receive a pack of random cards to add to your collection.

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