Why do we do what we do?

For fun! But here's a few other reasons:

"My little guy was engaged from the moment I pressed play on the demo video and asked me to sign up straight away! I can now give my guy some guilt-free screen time while I cook up the dinner! Would love to see this program in every preschool and primary school. As a teacher, I can see SO many curriculum links and as a parent, so many benefits!"

Jen - Teacher and parent

"My 4 year old daughter loves her Secret Ninja School! I cannot recommend her instructor Keiran highly enough. He is so wonderful with the kids and she just adores going. It’s fun, she's learning and it’s so good for her development."

Mindy - Poppy's Mum

A good word for the host - "Ninja Kicks" (Keiran Deck)

"We have seen Ethan’s confidence grow along with his skill, and he is as determined as we have ever seen him to progress as far as he can with the sport. So much of this comes not only from your obvious talent, but also from your patience, encouragement and dedicated approach to his development. You have been a much needed positive, steady and strong influence for him."

Damien - Ethan's Dad

"I would like to say thank you Keiran, from the bottom of my heart. Georgia has blossomed to be a young woman with new found confidence, a sense of belonging and skills that she can have for the rest of her life. You have been such a positive role model for Georgia."

Dave - Georgia's Dad

"Thank you Keiran for being such an amazing role model for our kids. They have learned not only self-defence, but have also learned about respectful relationships, meditating, self-confidence, fitness, strength and teamwork."

Anon - Another stoked parent

Dash's Mum Alyce is loving it...

"Dash is four years old... he really likes how interactive it is!"
"I think it's a great activity that you can do from the comfort of your own home and still have that supervision."
"I think even though it's virtual, they do feel a part of a squad, part of a Secret Ninja School club."

That's a lot of testimonials you've read!

"Love that he doesn’t need supervision while I’m working and also great as it has given him confidence in his body and strength and he is constantly practicing his ninja skills! We absolutely love it and I have recommended it to everyone I can!!! While we have only done one of the live sessions I don’t think it really matters and I love that they are recorded and we can do them when we (I) choose. Best value for money!!!!"
Anon - Another Stoked Parent
"I think these sessions are targeted at younger children but my daughter is 9 and really enjoys them."
Anon - Another Stoked Parent
"It's a great indoor activity that gets the kids moving and feels more worthwhile than an alternative like TV."
Anon - Another Stoked Parent