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What is Secret Ninja School?

  • Gives you a break (or breaks) every day
  • Engages your little ones for 10-15 minutes with adventure workouts
  • Learn Dance, Gymnastics, Martial Arts and mindfulness
  • Oodles of episodes and more added every week
  • Ideal for ages 3-10+
  • Registration is open now!

Why parents love it

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Easy Peasy

Just need a screen and the internet.

No equipment or special set-up required.

Log-in and start.

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Super Safe

Made by industry professionals.

Self-hosted not on YouTube = no ads or unwanted content.

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Engaging Movement

Fun story-based workouts.

Stimulates imagination.

Kids feel like its just play.

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Value and Quality

High quality production.

Only $9 per month for unlimited access.

Unique story-based workouts.

Why kids love it

  • The workouts feel just like play
  • They can choose what interests them
  • They feel like super heroes!
  • Suitable for any ability
  • Plus Ninjas will always be cool, duh!
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Ready for a break?

Registration is open until 5pm, Sunday April 4th, 2021.

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What they say...

"We both look forward to Secret Ninja School time! It's a lovely morsel of time for me each today. It’s guilt free as Poppy loves it. It’s fun, she’s learning things and its great for her development."
- Mandy, Parent

Teachers use it too

"My little guy was engaged from the moment I pressed play on the demo video and asked me to sign up straight away! I can now give my guy some guilt-free screen time while I cook up the dinner! Would love to see this program in every preschool and primary school. As a teacher, I can see SO many curriculum links and as a parent, so many benefits!"
- Jen, Teacher and Parent

So do OTs!

“In a subtle and fun way, Ninja Kicks guides your children through an adventurous story to work on fundamental movement skills. This is WAAAY more exciting than the home exercise programs I would spend hours making up,” Jayne Gunthorpe, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Brisbane.

Another Happy Parent

"Secret Ninja School has been the best thing for our family! The kids love doing it together and ask to do it more than once a day. The episodes are so creative and I love how it gets them moving and fosters their imaginations. And I get to drink me tea – hot. Bliss!"
- Polly, Mum to 3 under 5

How can we help?

Give yourself a daily coffee break, knowing your kids are doing something that’s great fun and great for them. It's only two coffees a month. For those who don’t speak coffee, that’s $9/month.

The Secret Ninja School team recognises the Birpai, Gayemagal and Ngunnawal people, the traditional custodians of the lands on which we record our videos. Storytelling is a crucial way of sharing knowledge within Indigenous Australian culture. And we hope to encourage the next generation of Australians to love sharing stories and learning about the full history of this beautiful land and its people.

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