By Keiran Deck - host of the Secret Ninja School

A new one for the Secret Ninja School!

Today we had to escape a spooky locked-down old warehouse. And what was worse, it was home to ware wolves! At the start of each episode we teleport to our adventure by closing our eyes and taking some deep breaths. But something went wrong and we ended up in a warehouse today!

The Ninjas did a great job of gathering their nerves. We tried to get out of the air vents (inch-worms for shoulder strength) but the werewolves heard us. Funny thing about ware wolves, they hate the smell of feet. Yeah, true! So we did some straight leg circles to cast a smelly feet smell and cover ourselves in the stench.

But we still had to get out of there. When hiding from the werewolves we found an old treasure chest. Inside was a shrink suit! So lucky :D. The suit shrunk us to the size of an ant. We had to play dead while some mean looking ants went past (core control) but we took the time to hatch a genius plan.

We would get out of the warehouse on the back of a rat! A piece of cheese in a mousetrap served as the perfect bait and we lured a rat to us. Then we jumped on its back and rode (squat pulses) out of danger. Phew!!

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