By Keiran Deck - host of the Secret Ninja School

The dragon is the key to saving the lake!

A sleeping dragon inside a mountain is our best hope to save a lake.

The lake is not frozen any more and the Ninjas need to find the Life Icicle to re-freeze it.

The Life Icicle is on the top of a mountain and the quickest way to reach it is on the back of a dragon.

This episode was a full body workout! We covered balance, coordination and core control in equal measure. The majority of the episode was spent in a crouch as we made our way across tree tops, and used our Ninja moves to find the dragon.

These wild, far-ranging adventures are heavily focused on having fun. We move fast between moves intentionally. Mastery comes with time and so we try to take their attention away from 'getting good' and place it instead on having fun!

The Secret Ninja School remains open this week to help Victorians in lock down.

We open the doors to new members once a fortnight. This gives the team time to take care of our existing members, help improve their experience and ultimately have more fun exercising. We've extended our opening times so that teachers and parents can make use of the sessions during lock down!