By Keiran Deck - host of the Secret Ninja School

A lesson from a Panda...

Today we went to the Panda Master's home - in the bamboo leaves.

The Panda master taught us some new skills. Like the Panda kick (which is only to be used in the air, and not on anyone), the Panda roll (a forwards roll) and the Panda climb (a core exercise).

We now have two animal-style videos. These are designed to give us more time to teach more skills. In the adventures, the focus is on moving and letting the mastery of new movements come with time. In these animal-style videos we use a third character to 'teach' us the way of the Panda, or the way of the Mantis.

The Secret Ninja School remains open this week to help Victorians in lock down.

We open the doors to new members once a fortnight. This gives the team time to take care of our existing members, help improve their experience and ultimately have more fun exercising. We've extended our opening times so that teachers and parents can make use of the sessions during lock down!