By Keiran Deck - host of the Secret Ninja School

Our adventures take place in our loungerooms, but our imaginations take us to beautiful places. Here's a beautiful encounter we had in mind while writing a recent episode about sharks. Each time kids enter the wild world in their mind, they're more ready to enjoy it in real life... building their appreciation for the natural world. Sharks are beautiful creatures with a really important role to play in our Oceans. We LOVE them.

Secret Ninja School will soon become a Partner in Conservation at WWF Australia. Their latest project, Regenerate Australia, has inspired us to take responsibility for our part in preserving and restoring the natural world. We face a critical moment in history that will determine whether our kids and grandkids get to enjoy the planet as we have - in ecological balance. We will be contributing a minimum of $1,000 a year to this effort at the WWF, amongst other fundraising programs which we hope you will be a part of!