By Keiran Deck - host of the Secret Ninja School

No really, we could have used some advice this morning!

A herd of elephants was stampeding to the town centre and we had to work out how to stop them!

We worked mostly on leg strength, agility and coordination today! First we tried pleading with the elephants to stop but they didn't, so we had to move quickly from one foot to another to dodge the herd.

Then we tried creating a Ninja earthquake by jumping as high as we could. The elephants didn't feel a thing! And then we tried to distract them with apples, improving our shoulder stamina by holding our arms out straight. But alas, none of these tactics worked.

A meerkat found us and told us that a bunch of lions were chasing the elephants. So like Ninjas, we ran across the elephant's moving backs and used Ninja moves and magic to send the Lions away. Then the elephants stopped running and [SPOILERS] we saved the town! What a day!

The Secret Ninja School remains open this week to help Victorians in lock down.

We open the doors to new members once a fortnight. This gives the team time to take care of our existing members, help improve their experience and ultimately have more fun exercising. We've extended our opening times so that teachers and parents can make use of the sessions during lock down!