By Keiran Deck - host of the Secret Ninja School
  • Our episode 'Not Everything Is Black and White' is being used in schools to teach kids about friendship thanks to Dana and her amazing group URSTRONG. Check it out here.

How do you make friends? If you think about it, it's something that comes naturally. You a partnered with someone during free-drawing in pre-school - there's your first friend. And then they introduce you to another friend at cricket practice. And so it grows.

Friendships only grow with the right environments. And environments are largely controlled by the moods of the people trying to make friends.

Even then, some kids find it much easier than others to make friends. So as educators, one of our key jobs is to help create a positive environment, one where each child can grow their confidence.

My new friend, Dana, is a friendship expert. Dope title! And we connected on a mutual love for creating positive environments for kids to grow their confidence.

Dana's approach involves helping teachers create those positive environments. And my approach is to help kids grow confidence through movement.

It was a perfect match.

She went ahead in true 'doer' style and created a lesson plan for teachers, using our 20-minute episode 'Not Everything Is Black and White'.

It's so exciting to work with Dana in schools across Canada and Australia, using movement as a tool for friendships! If more people can fall in love with movement, our world is a better place.

Check out Dana's website here.

And have a look at the lesson plan here.

-Ninja Kicks (Keiran Deck)