By Keiran Deck - host of the Secret Ninja School

This one wasn't for the feint-hearted!

A once-sunny forest had turned dark. And the Ninjas had to work out what was making it so.

A witch cackle here and there hinted that an evil witch might be behind it. But in fact, the forest's heart had been taken. We found it, and used it to cast a spell that made the forest light again.

Wow! What an adventure!

In among all of that, there was a large core-control component today, as a giant spider jumped on top of us, we had to keep it off by pushing our hands and feet to the air!

The other focus was on coordination. The spell was a repetitive set of progressively tricky moves that tested the Ninjas vestibular (balance) system. SO MUCH FUN!

The Secret Ninja School remains open this week to help Victorians in lock down.

We open the doors to new members once a fortnight. This gives the team time to take care of our existing members, help improve their experience and ultimately have more fun exercising. We've extended our opening times so that teachers and parents can make use of the sessions during lock down!