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A Super Fun Blend of Martial Arts, Gymnastics and Dance

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Welcome! I'm so glad you're here.

Natural athlete or not, all children deserve the chance to fall in love with movement. Our vision for your kids is to have them grow up to love taking on movement challenges - i.e. to learn new skills.

To do that, we introduce them to moves just beyond their ability - ones that look cool of course - and create a space where they feel comfortable to fail and try again even in front of their peers.

Our coaches are not only experts in their field, but they are comfortable showing the children that they're still learning too. It's OK to not be good at something and by role modelling this, your kids will get to practice the power of 'yet'.

There's more to read below about our approach but for now, I'll sign off by introducing myself. I'm Keiran - the founder of Secret Ninja School. My movement journey continues as an adult (I'm learning gymnastics) after a childhood of taekwondo with my Dad - my black belt grading was the first time he cried in front of me. Tears of joy, not the result of some kicking mishap. I love the friends it has brought me, the challenges it shows me and the lessons the children I meet teach me. I hope to meet you soon.

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Keiran Deck aka "Ninja Kicks"

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Click Here for the Google Maps Link to Bonython Primary School - during lunch time

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Learn some Secret Ninja School moves at home with our YouTube videos. Ideal for 3-7yo.


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More about the class

A movement class that focuses on fostering good humans and playful movers.

  • Students choose their movement 'projects', for example a handstand, forward roll or a taekwondo kick, and we work as a group to build those skills over the term. The environment is playful, radically supportive, and encouraging.
  • Classes take a break in the school holidays and the membership is reduced to account for this break.
  • Register using the button below. One registration per child.

What you get when you sign up:

  • Access to a fun and supportive community of 'Ninjas'
  • Weekly training with Ninja Kicks (aka Keiran Deck)
  • Immediate access to the Secret Ninja School at home movement program
  • A starter pack of Secret Ninja School trading cards, to support at home learning

Values-based coaching

We recognise that a movement program can not only help children achieve new skills, but become kind human beings. We're here to support you in fostering pro-social values in your kids, and help them form a lifelong healthy relationship with movement.

This term's values in focus:


If we are genuinely curious we are able to find the best in others. We can also enrich our lives and those of others, by discovering more about the world around us.


The awareness of feelings in other people and the ability to put yourself in their shoes. Very closely related to curiosity, which is why we study these together.


In being curious about other people and recognising their feelings, we can find ways to meaningfully include others even if they're at a different stage of their learning journey.

Our Mission

The research is so comprehensive it should be considered 'definite'. If you stop kids from acting on their natural desire to run around and play, their attention and the overall health of their brains will suffer.

We're going a step further and helping kids discover new ways to play with movement. Our program builds the confidence and competence to want to explore how their bodies move.

Why is SNS so engaging? Because we're not another adult telling them what to do, we're big kids who show them that it's OK to fail and try again.

More than three quarters of Australian kids don't get enough exercise. We're on a mission to change this stat. 200+ Aussie schools already use our program every week. Are you ready to help more kids find a love for movement?

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